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Model/ Dancer. Rambert. London.


Trying to sleep while drunk

this is the most accurate thing ever

(via abdulkil)

Anonymous: can put a picture of your dick? may be underneath shorts.... :3

how about this underneath my shorts?

Anonymous: i'm so impressed by you, i'm gay and i just can't find strength to come out and it sucks cause i really need to tell someone and also i can't meet any guy wish i could just wake up one day and say okay today i'm gonna be myself and fuck off what they'll say about it. anyway i love you thanks for being so perf and kind

i cant comment on whether you should or shouldn’t come out, thats for you to realise when you feel ready and when you feel is best. but you can still wake up every single day and say okay today im going to be myself. and you can still fuck what everybody else thinks. dont feel pressurised to label yourself as anything other than yourself.