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Anonymous: when did you officially become a model like what age were you

i think i will officially feel like a model tomorrow when my shoot with Diesel comes out in Wonderland magazine… so not just yet :)))

Anonymous: Hey Jord, I just wanted to ask you something about body image. Basically, I am 17 and lately getting breakouts of spots everywhereeee. Obviously it's making me so concious and insecure, I just wanted to know if you get them and how you deal with them? Are you insecure? I wanted to know because it's usually the breath takingly beautiful guys that pick up on everything bad about themselves that are not flaws at all. Hope you can answer this. P.s, I'm only anon because I'm embarrassed. Thanks, sam

It is literally just age. Trust me I had the exact same thing when I was 16/17 and I know it sucks but it goes and it will go soooooon. But one thing I realise now is that nobody notices it as much as you do and nobody cares about it as much as you do. If you can see that then you’re winning xx